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BREAKING: Eddie Colón sends important message at the end of IWA's Histeria Boricua special (VIDEO)

At the end of the special broadcast of IWA's Histeria Boricua event on Mega TV, Eddie 'La Maravilla' Colón made an appearance by sending a special message which reads as follows:

"To evolve, one has to change with the times and adjust to the new realities. And in this year 2021 the changes that Puerto Rico has wanted for so much have finally arrived. So Puerto Rico, get ready, because close to the island is a NEW ERA of wrestling, and this era is going to cause a revolution that Puerto Rico has NEVER seen."

After this, the WWC logo appeared with the date of January 9, 2021, specifically this Saturday.

In addition, WWC announced through its Facebook page a special program called DE LA HISTERIA A LA EUFORIA to be presented this Thursday at 8 pm on both WWC and IWA Facebook pages.

More to come.


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