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MLW: Lio Rush defeats Myron Reed for the World Middleweight Championship at Kings of Colosseum

Rush ends Myron Reed's historic 424-day reign.

NEW YORK —Major League Wrestling has a new World Middleweight Champion.

Last night at MLW Kings of Colosseum, Lio Rush ended Myron Reed's record-breaking 424-day reign as the champion at 14:19 in a classic championship clash.

The bout marked Rush's debut in MLW.

Reed, determined to cement his legacy as the "Young GOAT" put the title fight in motion upon hearing of Lio Rush's imminent debut. With Rush's globetrotting accolades, matchmakers fast-tracked the match at Reed's request.

What's next for the new champion? "It’s going to be a long year for the middleweight division because this title is staying with me!" stated Lio Rush.

Devastated in defeat, Reed was set to speak to the media about the match and a possible rematch only for CONTRA to attack. Both Reed and Jordan Oliver would be left beaten on the ground. The two would be treated at a local hospital.


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