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Matt Sydal on AEW's Unrestricted Podcast

Matt Sydal had some words of wisdom for Snoop Dogg before he did the “Snoop Splash” live on AEW Dynamite. Matt also had some encouraging words for himself after his not-so-perfect AEW debut at the ALL OUT Casino Battle Royale. He tells that story along with the last-minute phone call he received about the surprise booking. He offers insight to the Third Eye gimmick, what it means to have a “Sydelic Mentality,” risk-taking in the ring, and why he is solely focused on the TNT Championship. Plus, Matt tells stories about working with Cody Rhodes, Chaos Project, learning from AEW coaches like Dean Malenko and Tully Blanchard, his love of Japanese death matches, and tagging with Ricochet at NJPW.


Matt on Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Splash on Dynamite

“My advice was very explicit – wear kneepads! But I don’t think he did. I think he just went free style. He just wanted to do the Superfly Snuka that he remembered from the Garden, and he got to hit a Snoop Splash, and it was awesome.”

Matt on TNT Championship

“This TNT Championship is bringing out the best in a lot of guys. I think it brought out the best in Darby Allin, and I think this is where I need to narrow my focus. That championship has a lot of meaning and prestige to it, and it is absolutely one of the main reasons I’m in AEW right now.”


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