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MJF positions himself at the top of All Elite Wrestling with "Blood & Guts"

Maxwell Jacob Freeman is the most hated wrestler in All Elite Wrestling, but at the same time, he has earn the respect within the fans and the industry. Love him or hate him, in less than two years MJF has become one of the great young talents, not only in AEW, but also in the entire wrestling industry, and yesterday at AEW Dynamite: Blood & Guts was the first step towards immortality.

When people talk about MJF, they talk about what a loudmouth and disgraceful person he is, but beyond any adjective that can describe him, MJF is one of the best talents in wrestling today and one that has a promising future within the industry. Week after week, we have seen Freeman continue to evolve as a better wrestler and in front of the cameras with a microphone in hand. He reminds me very much of Rocky Maivia's beginnings, and we all know what his career became and the impact he has had on wrestling in general.

Yesterday at the Blood & Guts special, MJF had the typical encounter of teacher against student and he couldn’t have had a better teacher than the great Chris Jericho. A veteran with more than 30 years of experience, Jericho's role since his arrival at AEW was simple, elevating and developing the future of the industry. MJF was certainly learning from one of the best of all time, but we all knew that a betrayal from the young wrestler was imminent. Last night MJF rose to the next level in his career but did it by throwing Chris Jericho's career 20 feet from the steel structure.

Obviously the feud between Jericho and MJF is not ending any time soon, but Jericho has already fulfilled his promise to raise MJF to highest levels within AEW. Ever since MJF debuted at Double or Nothing in 2019, up until now, winning one of the most important matches of his career at Blood & Guts, the young and talented wrestler of only 25 years of age is on his way to conquer the world and the wrestling industry forever.


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