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WRESTLEMANIA: More than just an event, it is a unique expirience

There is an event that beyond being a wrestling card, throughout its 36 consecutive years of existence, has transcended pop culture and impacted thousands of fans who have witnessed this event live. Of course, I am talking about the most important and biggest event on the calendar of the wrestling company World Wrestling Entertainment, WrestleMania, who this coming Saturday and Sunday will celebrate the 37th annual edition in the city of Tampa Bay, Florida.

WrestleMania is the key event where the best matches usually take place, iconic moments are created and we see classic matches that are remembered for years. From the first WrestleMania at Madison Square Garden, to Hulk Hogan giving Andre The Giant a bodyslam, the three wars between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels retiring Ric Flair, The Undertaker ending Shawn Michaels career and two dream matches between The Rock and John Cena are some of the key moments that always come to mind when talking about WrestleMania.

Witnessing an event of this caliber of production and entertainment is something that every WWE fan should be able to experience and enjoy at least once in their lives. That excitement of arriving at the stadium, seeing the gigantic stage next to fireworks, feeling the roar of the public and the immense excitement from beginning to end, you can only experience it live at WrestleMania. The experience is totally different from watching the event at home on a television. Whether you are sitting in the front row or in the last row next to the clouds, WrestleMania is a special and unique event that surpasses all expectations.

But WrestleMania is much more than wrestling and pyrotechnics, WWE is in charge of impacting the community where each WrestleMania is celebrated and organizes events to involve and create fond memories for kids and adults. This is a noble and respectable gesture by WWE because for them it is not only about filling a stadium to capacity, it is about positively impacting the community and city where the event takes place. Very easily they could just do WrestleMania and run away, but WWE is in charge of creating a lasting experience that lasts several days. I'm sure that when life returns to normal, WrestleMania week will continue to be a celebration of the sport of wrestling as it usually is.

WrestleMania is a event that has transcended pop culture and we always see various celebrities from different fields of entertainment involved. This year it is more than ever, it is demonstrated with the participation of the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, who will face The Miz on Saturday. WrestleMania is not an ordinary event, WrestleMania is the event that everyone wants to see. Whether you are a fan all year or not, you always build anticipation and the eyes of the world are always on the lookout. This year it will be in the city of Tampa Bay, Florida where for the first time since the pandemic began, WWE fans will finally be able to be to enjoy live the grandeur and splendor that can only be witnessed at WrestleMania.


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