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AEW DYNAMITE: A beautifully emotional celebration of Brodie Lee’s life

In what was undoubtedly one of the most moving tributes in the history of professional wrestling, All Elite Wrestling presented an emotional tribute to the late wrestler Jon Huber, better known as Brodie Lee, who unexpectedly passed away earlier this week. Tears were shed and good times were remembered, but what was really highlighted in this tribute was the union and brotherhood that exists among the wrestlers.

The night began emotionally by symbolically ringing the bell ten times in honor of Huber. AEW’s talent stood on the entrance ramp honoring Jon’s legacy and next to them in the front row was Amanda, Jon's widow accompanied by their two sons, the oldest, Brodie Lee Jr. was wearing an outfit similar to that used by his father as Mr. Brodie Lee.

Throughout the event, we saw matches where a member of The Dark Order, a faction that Lee led since his debut at AEW last March, participated in each one of them. Each member had their time to shine and pay tribute to their deceased leader. Each match had value and a purpose, to give recognition to the memory of Jon Huber. To everyone’s surprise, his former partner, whom he had won the WWE Tag Team Championship and former member of The Wyatt Family, Eric Rowan, made a surprise appearance with a poster that read “Goodbye for now my brother, see you down the road.”

The most emotional moment of the night was at the end of the broadcast when Cody, together with Tony Khan, president of AEW, gave Lee and his family a fitting and well deserved tribute. His widow, along with his son, placed Huber's boots in the middle of the ring and Khan crowned Brodie Lee Jr as the AEW TNT Champion for life. After this beautiful gesture, a video tribute was presented in which it was highlighted, not only how talented Huber was in the ring, but also the excellent human being, great father, husband and friend that he was.

All Elite Wrestling and their team, for two hours reminded us how valuable life is and how important and integral Brodie Lee was behind the scenes to his peers. An unmatched loss not only for AEW, but also for the entire wrestling industry.

Thank you for so many pleasant memories and moments that you gave us throughout your career. Rest in peace, Brodie Lee.


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