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AEW: Miro declares himself the best of the best and issues a championship challenge to Sting

Ever since his arrival in All Elite Wrestling on September 9, 2020, Miro has focused on achieving two goals, complete domination and being the best in everything. So far, he has succeeded in both, including defeating Darby Allin several weeks ago in AEW Dynamite to become the new AEW TNT Champion. Miro has demonstrated dominance and athletics skills inside the ring, and this Sunday at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view event, he has a huge test of fire ahead of him. At the All Elite Wrestling event, Miro will defend his TNT Championship in front of a full capacity Daily’s Place against Lance Archer, who will have the legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts in his corner. A championship battle of two titans that promises to steal the show this Sunday.

Both competitors have been unstoppable during recent months in AEW Dynamite, and this Sunday only one of them will have his hand raised with the AEW TNT Championship around their waist.

“It’s my title, you know. Might as well have it tattooed around my waist because I’m going to carry this thing forever” - Miro said in his recent interview with Contralona. The champion was confident of his skills and even proclaimed himself as the best thing that exists in the wrestling industry at the moment. “I am the best in everything that I do. It is not just a question of being the “best man” at a wedding, it is about being the best overall. I am the best in the ring, I'm the best here when I talk to you, I have the best vacations, I live the best life every day. That’s about being the best and I am the best of the best.”

When Miro debuted as Kip Sabian’s “best man” for his wedding with Penelope Ford, we thought the alliance would last forever, but Miro didn’t need anyone by his side to shine in AEW. Miro viciously attacked Sabian last April, costing him several months of action due to a surgery to repair an injured shoulder caused by Miro. An intriguing factor in his championship match on Sunday is that Jake “The Snake” Roberts will be on the corner of the challenger, something Miro has clear in his mind and hopes he doesn’t have to intervene against the legend and do something he might regret later.

"I’m prepared and I’m preparing by praying to Jesus. I’m praying on my knees every night. I’m like: “Jesus please, I beg you, please keep Jake away from me because no yoga is gonna save his life this time.” He has to be somewhere far and away, that’s the best not only for him, but for me as well because I don’t want that in my conscience".

The AEW TNT Champion is so sure of his victory this Sunday that he assured us his mother is already celebrating his victory and has a picture of his victorious son with the championship in hand. But there is a name inside the All Elite Wrestling locker room that Miro says is afraid of him and even challenged him to a championship fight. Who is this wrestler? “The Icon” Sting.

“I don’t care about Sting. I tried Sting and he didn’t step up to the plate. I challenged him and what did he do? He did nothing. Come on Sting, step up to the plate if you want. Don't go fight Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page, fight me if you're a such a big man! You know, he’s afraid that I'll be his toughest opponent ever. He’s been in the wrestling business for 40 years and has never faced a more real and more dangerous man than me and he knows that. We all know that he is hiding. But whenever he’s not afraid, whenever he’s ready to go I’ll be there. I'll even give him a chance for my title. Come on Sting, bring it on!”

To think about a match between Miro and Sting would be a dream match for many fans. Miro is right when he says that Sting has never faced a tough opponent like him, but Miro must also remember that he has yet faced someone with Sting's experience and resiliency inside the squared circle. Hopefully in a not too distant future we can see Sting and Miro compete in AEW. But before thinking about a potential date with history, Miro is 100% focused on convincingly defeating Lance Archer and positioning himself among the elite wrestlers who are at the top of All Elite Wrestling. This Sunday's Double or Nothing is the perfect setting and opponent for Miro to prove and showcase that he really is the best man in wrestling and one of the best wrestlers in All Elite Wrestling.


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