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Kenny Omega's dominance in pro wrestling is on perfect timing

Since the creation of All Elite Wrestling, and its “roster”, there were many speculations, desires, and expectations to see some of their wrestlers at the top of the company, even when they carry a legacy, a revolutionary streak, or being the focus of the industry for that time; one of them is Kenny Omega.

From the beginning, both Kenny Omega and his “friends” The Young Bucks, placed themselves as the dominant champions of the young company, as they were at a high point of their fame, performance and momentum; they were the stars of the show. However, the company’s vice-presidents also took a different path; developing new and well-known talents within the company, a move that for some people was somewhat foolish because they had lost the “moment” of standing out within the company, and even more so on a TV channel like TNT. But for many others, it was the wisest move posible as they showed that despite the power within the company, the brand and product is better than the glory and ego of being the number one, definitely something to applaud for.

In Kenny’s case, we witnessed different stages of the wrestler in AEW, starting with various tremendous rivalries and encounters with wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley (forbidden to forget that unsanctioned match between the two). However, it was the AEW Tag Team Championship, his first title with AEW together with Hangman Adam Paige which was his first triumph and, indirectly, the beginning of what everyone was waiting for.

It was his run as Tag Team Champion the prelude to a transformation in Omega, that wrestler that we admired in New Japan Pro-Wrestling who was volatile, violent and a leader. Between the BTS videos (Being The Elite) and AEW Dynamite programming, up until the loss of that championship, everything was a story that went through our noses, indirect preparation for what we are seeing today, Omega’s domination as AEW World Champion. By being the Champion, Kenny Omega also shocked the world by invading IMPACT Wrestling programming and joining once again the Bullet Club, also known as The Elite at the right moment.

Where am I going with all this? Some time has passed since the long-term story was told and executed almost perfectly, where the psychology and questions of the fans of “what will happen now?” surrounded social media. The fans made themselves heard and felt. Despite the pandemic problems, AEW has continued to create noise and interest to its followers. In fact, every passing day increases its presence. It is not just a rivalry for a championship, or the return of a legend to challenge the future of the industry without a purpose. It is about bringing a story that, week after week, creates intrigue, speculation and surprises the fans to their core and please them at the right time. Fans asked for “The Cleaner” and, calmly and predetermined, the true Kenny Omega has come and, from what we’ve see, he’ll be back for a long time.


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