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WWE Raw: Alexa Bliss reminds Randy Orton why you should not to play with fire

Chaos is short to describe what happened during the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. The show started off with the return of the C.O.O. of WWE, Triple H, who was quickly interrupted by his eternal and long time rival Randy Orton. After an intense back and forward between the two, Orton challenged a Triple H fight which he did not want to accept because he was only in Raw doing business. But poor Randy Orton has never learned to keep his mouth closed and proceeded to mentioned Hunter’s wife and questioned his manhood, which resulted in Orton receiving a punch in return.

After Triple H accepted the challenge to the fight, both soon to be Hall of Famers found themselves in the middle of the ring one more time and did not waste time in hitting themselves with everything, even Randy Orton suffered a cut on his cheek thanks to Triple H’s blows. Just as Triple H was about to end the fight with his emblematic sledgehammer, the lights began to go off and Orton's nightmare was about to begin. The sledgehammer was lit up in fire and the lights turned off completely inside the WWE ThunderDome.

The lights turn on again and Randy Orton was alone and disoriented on the ring looking for answers to what happened. Behind him was waiting one of the terrors that have been stalking him for the last few weeks, Alexa Bliss. Bliss, without measuring words threw a big ball of fire to Orton's face and blinding him it at the moment. Orton seems to have forgotten that playing with fire never brings anything positive.

Randy Orton definitely thought that by burning HIM at the TLC event, all of his torments and horrors would end once and for all, but he was wrong, Randy Orton is not prepared for what is coming and when HE decides to come back... HE will have his revenge. Don't forget to LET HIM IN.


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