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Puerto Rican pro wrestler Chicky Starr is in the Intensive Care Unit

Press release:

(Manatí)- José Laureano, better known in Puerto Rican wrestling as Chicky Starr, was in surgery a few days ago in a hospital in the city of Manatí, Puerto Rico. However, after surgery and contrary to what was expected, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit because his condition was drastically complicated.

He had ‘post-operative’ bleeding, so they are putting blood on him... He is weak and inconsistent!” - said his wife Leslie Santiago, who emphasized that his beloved husband is “already 63 years old..

We have full confidence in the power of prayer... We ask the people of Puerto Rico to send us their best energies and positive vibes”, said the entrepreneur.

We have certainly had moments of impotence and anguish. But we know that God has taken us by the hand... Chicky is a warrior! He is an oak and will rise, with the help of God,” said who invited people to join the prayer circle “to be held tonight through the Facebook page of the journalist Omar Matos, whom we are appointing our official spokesman”.


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