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Historic match confirmed between El Cuervo de Puerto Rico and Mecha Wolf

In what will undoubtedly be a dream match, the Loko Wrestling promotion confirmed that two of the most popular Puerto Rican wrestlers today will face each other at the Hay Leveles event on March 27th. The current CWA World Champion El Cuervo de Puerto Rico will face the former 2 time WWC Universal Champion Mecha Wolf in what promises to be an epic match for both competitors and fans. The match will take place in Houston, Texas.

Both wrestlers are not strangers to each other and the last time they had a match was in 2010 at the Pepín Cestero Coliseum in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, where the Cuervo took home the victory. But we have to remember that so much has changed and both El Cuervo de Puerto Rico and Mecha Wolf are not the same wrestlers they were at that time. A lot of time has passed since that meeting and both competitors are now in different facets of their respective professional careers and lives.

It is incredible to see how a Wrestling promotion in North America gives two Puerto Ricans the opportunity to show off in their stage, showing the world that high-caliber talents develop in Puerto Rico. This match has a very important weight, we have seen Mecha Wolf a little off lately, but hungry for that golden opportunity, while El Cuervo de Puerto Rico comes from an impressive debut at AEW Dark that left the fans worldwide asking for more.

Will Mecha Wolf be able to revenge that lost of 2010? Or is it that El Cuervo de Puerto Rico will unleash the extreme to levels we’ve never seen before?

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