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Puerto Rican Women's Wrestling to shine with Mission Pro Wrestling in the United States

Have you ever had a dream match you wanted to see? Have you ever desired to see any wrestling match between Puerto Rican wrestlers and, for some reason, it hasn't come true? Is there any way to do it? The answer is yes.

Mission Pro Wrestling, a promotion founded by former NWA women's champion Thunder Rosa, will involve Puerto Rican female wrestlers in their shows. How? Through Mission Pro Customs, a well known pro wrestling modality in the United States and other countries in which the fans choose the matches they privately want to see.

Female wrestlers like La Rosa Negra, Thunder Rosa, CWA and CWS women's champion Raeven Marie, Roxxy, 'La Destructora' (The Destroyer) Nancy, Yaide, Milena, and male wrestlers like El Gentil, Riviero, Real OB and Android 787, are heading this innovative project.

How about watching a match between Thunder Rosa and La Rosa Negra? Roxxy vs. Yaide? Raeven Marie vs. The Destroyer Nancy? Well, here you will.

Mission Pro Customs will work matches that you fans want to see, being customized for you. How is this possible? Follow the next steps:

2. Press the "Book Customs" option

3. Follow the instructions and choose the match you want

*Each match has a specific cost. You will see it by following the instructions.

Mission Pro Wrestling held its first event named "Hell Hath No Fury" on September 18 in Texas. The next event will be this Friday, November 6, in the same place. The promotion has talents from different cities and countries, including female talents from AEW and NWA.

For more information, tune in to Contralona ​​and Title Match Network, official sponsors, for the latest updates.


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