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Ace Austin bets on retaining his X-Division Championship this Sunday at Rebellion (VIDEO)

They say that anyone who does not know his story is doomed to repeat it and the current IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion has not one, but two obstacles to overcome this Sunday. IMPACT Wrestling's next pay-per-view event, Rebellion, takes place this Sunday and Ace Austin knows that last year, at the same event, he lost the same championship that he will defend against TJP and Josh Alexander.

In his recent interview with Contralona, Austin made it clear that this year the circumstances are completely different.

"That's a good point. I hadn't realized that it was last year in Rebellion that I lost this championship, so I think that Rebellion last year was the first time we were wrestling without the fans. All of us were there lost by all the experience. None of us were prepared to do Rebellion in two nights and without an audience. I think that had a lot to do with me losing the championship and this last year I have proven that I have adapted to this new environment and I rise in it and I always do. Now that I'm comfortable and in control in this environment, I'm sure things will be completely different this time."

Ace Austin gave both opponents a lot of credit and showed a lot of respect for their wrestling skills. "They are both outstanding athletes and it is for something that they are both challenging for my championship. TJP in particular was that obstacle at the beginning of my career here at IMPACT Wrestling. He was always that person that I ran into on the way and took me to the school, and I never had an answer for him. I always had that little chip on my shoulder for a long time, it helped motivate me and it all felt at Sacrifice where I was finally able to surpass him and it stopped bothering me. Josh Alexander is a very special type of athlete. Not only is he brutal, but he can also take a beating and take it like I have never seen another person do. I wish I was that strong and endure so much punishment."

This triple threat match with the X-Division Championship on the line is sure to be one of the matches of the night thanks to the immense talent and athleticism that all three competitors bring to the table. The stakes are not in favor of the champion Ace Austin, but he will look for a way to leave Rebellion the same way that he will enter, as champion.


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