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Damian Priest one step away from being a big contender in WWE

If you never give up in the pursuit of your dreams, work hard and not lose faith, the chances that your goals and dreams will come true are high. Within the WWE Universe there is a man who for more than 10 years wrestling for his goals and sacrificing sweat, blood and tears, now is bearing fruit. He’s name is Damian Priest and through his veins runs Puerto Rican blood like the "coquí".

We saw him look impressive at WrestleMania with Bad Bunny and this Sunday at WrestleMania Backlash, Priest will seek to put a definitive end to his feud with The Miz and John Morrison in a Lumberjack match. If something positive has taken Priest out of this headache caused by Miz and Morrison is that he has become the new sensation of Monday Night Raw and a future threat to any wrestler who has gold over their waist.

Priest has always dreamed of being where he is now. After starting at Ring of Honor and looking for that necessary exposure, he began his NXT adventure. After several impressive months in which he dominated every opponent, he finally got a golden chance and took advantage of it. The Puerto Rican wrestler was NXT North America Champion for 67 days and showed the world that he was more than ready for the big leagues.

What has been the secret to the success of Damian Priest in professional wrestling? Never give up and keep working hard. Priest is the living example that if you don't give up and continue fighting for your dreams, one day they will come true. This takes time, this is not something that arrives one day from another, but if you are patient enough, the reward at the end of the road will justify all the sacrifice that has been made.

Damian Priest is now one step away from being a big contender in WWE. His perseverance, style of wrestling and personality have raised him to levels that he dreamed 10 years ago in the independent circuit. Damian Priest is for real and in a very short time he will give even more to talk about, always having like his north the flag he carries on his gear and putting the name of Puerto Rico at the top of WWE.

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