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WWE: Carlito returned to RAW and proved that he will always be "cool"

After an absence of more than 10 years, Carlito returned to Monday Night Raw and looked impeccable and in the best physical condition of his career. After surprising last night the WWE Universe as the #8 participant in the Royal Rumble and participating in the match for close to 8 minutes, Carlito showed that although he’s been out of the WWE ring for a long time, he has not yet lost the "cool" factor that characterized him throughout his career.

Carlito, a former WWE United States Champion, former Intercontinental Champion and 2 times World Tag Team Champion alongside his brother Primo Colón, wrestled alongside Jeff Hardy and faced the team of Elias and Jaxson Ryker. Hardy and Carlito had no trouble and took the victory easily. It should be noted that both Carlito and Jeff Hardy are not strangers with each other and even faced each other 5 years ago in Puerto Rico at the WWC Anniversary #43 event in a match for the WWC Universal Championship.

The WWE Universe has been asking for Carlito's return for years. It was given to them and in what way. Carlito showed that at the age of 41 he still has the ability, strength, and heart to make it clear to the world that he is certainly one of the best Puerto Rican wrestlers who have ever stepped foot on the WWE ring. Will we see him again at the WWE? Only time will tell, but if he comes back, Carlito will certainly be doing something "cool" with an apple in hand.


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