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WWE: Damian Priest and Bad Bunny show their Puerto Rican flavor on Monday Night Raw

Puerto Rican wrestler Damian Priest is definitely on his peak, and after an impressive performance at the Royal Rumble last night, Priest debuted on Monday Night Raw tonight after an incredible run in NXT. During a special Miz TV show, where they had as special guest the boricua reggaeton sensation Bad Bunny, The Miz and John Morrison again tried to recruit the services of Bunny but failed to do so.

When things appeared to be going wrong with Bad Bunny, the former North American NXT Champion came out to even the odds. In a match against The Miz, Damian Priest captivated the WWE Universe with his imposing physical style and successfully defeated The Miz thanks to a distraction from the artist who has hit songs like Chambea, Estamos Bien and recently Booker T. Bunny hit John Morrison with a microphone to the neck after trying to intervene in the match.

Amazing to see two boricuas stand out in the WWE and even Bad Bunny, who has dreamed all his life of being part of the action in Raw. On the other hand, Damian Priest hit a home run and showed that he did not arrive at Monday Night Raw to play and games, but on the road to WrestleMania, he has arrived to create an immediate impact on WWE.

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