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Malakai Black looks for destructive continuity at All Elite Wrestling

If you were one of the people who tune in to AEW Dynamite last night, your jaw probably felt to the floor when Tommy End, better known as Aleister Black in WWE, made a surprising debut at AEW Road Rager. Unexpected by practically everyone, End was released by WWE last June and usually, WWE has a clause in their contract that does not allow them to compete in other promotions for at least 90 days. It is still unknown what happened behind the scenes, but Malakai Black is already All Elite.

An outstanding talent that gave a lot to talk about during his time at NXT, Black never received the treatment or opportunities he deserved when he arrived at WWE’s main roster. The last thing we saw from Black in WWE was a surprise attack on Big E in SmackDown and the week later, he was released. Before that, Seth Rollins tried to take an eye from Black and we saw continuity in the character that debuted last night at All Elite Wrestling and lost no time attacking Cody Rhodes. Malakai Black had a weird looking eye, the same eye that Rollins attacked way back on Raw.

Earlier in the day, Tommy End had revealed a dark and mysterious video on social media where he presented to the world his new vision and creation, Malakai Black. It was an intense video that revolted social media and created uncertainty about the professional future of the wrestler. A week ago, his real-life wife Zelina Vega returned to the WWE after being fired by the company as well. Vega was immediately announced as a participant in the woman’s Money in the Bank match.

Malakai Black's arrival at All Elite Wrestling is monumental and a refreshing fresh air to Black's career, who has been vocal in having creative control over his character. The creative handcuffs are no longer on his hands and the sky is the limit for Malakai Black in the ranks of AEW. What was the intention behind the attack to Cody Rhodes? Can Malakai Black be a future threat to the AEW World Champion?


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