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AEW bets on the return of the fans and the start of a new era after Double or Nothing

To get a perfect equation in wrestling, you need to have all the necessary components. In the world of wrestling, for the last year and a half, one of its key and most important components, the fans, has been absent from watching their favorite wrestlers live. The roar of the public either to applaud or to boo the wrestlers serves as a trigger for the competitors adrenaline and emotion inside the square circle. All Elite Wrestling rejoined all the components of a special wrestling experience at Double or Nothing and the result was, without a doubt, one of the, if not the best wrestling pay-per-view- event produced by AEW.

The excitement inside Daily’s Place was palpable and the enthusiasm of the fans when the first match began was incredible. Being more than a year without being able to see your favorite wrestlers and show them that affection and sometimes hate, was a long overdue. As soon as the event began, the fans overflowed all that energy into the action on the ring. Double or Nothing was a magical and historic night that will change the course of All Elite Wrestling forever. This really was the beginning of a new era in wrestling.

The Inner Circle survived a brutal battle against The Pinnacle in Stadium Stampede, Sting showed that he still has something left in the tank on his return to the ring, Britt Baker made her dream come true by dethroning Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women's Championship, Kenny Omega barely walked away still AEW World Champion, “Hangman” Adam Page took Brian Cage to his personal ranch, Cody Rhodes paid tribute to the United Stated, The Young Bucks vs Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley was a tag team wrestling clinic and Jungle Boy got to beat the house in the Casino Battle Royale.

From start to finish, Double or Nothing did not disappoint in creating emotions and moments that will mark a new stage within All Elite Wrestling. Listening to the public chanting the Jungle Boy song “Tarzan Boy” and “Judas” by Chris Jericho was an inevitable moment that was destined to happen for some time. Double or Nothing felt like going back to the time when life was perfect and a pandemic was just old stories from our grandparents. All Elite Wrestling took advantage of the moment and gave us a night that will be remembered forever. From now on, we will see the future of AEW stand out and become the new generation that will take All Elite Wrestling to the top of the mountain within the industry.

Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, MJF, Adam Page, Britt Baker, Darby Allin and Orange Cassidy are some of the names we'll see stand out and rise as strong contenders within AEW. A tremendous job has been done in developing these talents and they are now known and recognized names within the company and the support of the fans is already a reality. Finally, All Elite Wrestling again scored another touchdown with Double or Nothing and did so by reconnecting the heart of wrestling, the fans with the tremendous action presented on inside the ring. In the coming months, AEW promises to continue captivating their faithful followers, on route to the next pay-per-view All Out in September.


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